Mark acknowledges and pays respect to the shamanic teachers and guides he has had influence his path and offerings of which for some, learning is still open and will be as such until my eldership:
Louise Gilmore. Caitlin Mattews (Celtic wisdom), Shaman Kush (Peruvian & plant teacher wisdom) and Orion (Native American, Ute wisdom and Australian first nation, Pitjantjatjara wisdom)
He considers himself to still be in training for his shamanic becoming, as he believes in the long road, and the long ways in which learning arrives through the measures of walking this path through great distances of time.
Mark is a Shamanic Practitioner and group facilitator, Poetic and Sacred Wood Craftsman.

As a Visionary Poetic by nature, to Mark, words are sacred and stories, the magical agency that binds the world and builds the roads at the frontier of identity, and body to spirit relations.

It is through this contemplative, expressive nature and a felt sense of being in the watch and hands of spiritual presence felt since childhood, that Mark has walked a path into the fields of service he now stands.

A path through Intuitive development, Shamanic studies of various cosmologies and lineage, sitting with and learning from Initiated Shamans, counselling, and having sacred life altering experiences at sites and lands around the world.

Marks passion and core intentions within his offerings is to awaken, enliven and remind us of the magic in existence, the transcendental power of spiritual confrontation and support, and the effect of reverent language upon the listening world, within and without.